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Alison Butler Counselling, Tadley
Alison Butler Website
Happy Bean Nutrition Reflexology and Yoga, Burghfield Common
Happy Bean Website
Debbie Kelly Counselling
Debbie Kelly Website
Liata Therapies, Reading

'I started my website by myself and as you can imagine it was not very impressive but with some tweaks here, some copy there, Alison has made it a website that I am now proud of.  Thank you very much Alison'   Jacqueline Dunne May 2012

 Service to Spirit - Rev Joy Rose
 Service to Spirit - Rev Joy Rose
Vicky York Hypnotherapy and Past Life Regression
Vicky York Website pic
"My website seems to be liked as it has certainly helped to increase my business! So many thank you’s." Vicky York 8/10/13
Affinity Nutrition
Affinity Nutrition
“Alison created a website for me that I can now manage myself on a daily basis. She was patient and helpful at each stage, understood my requirements quickly and came up with lots of ideas. Highly recommended.” Beatrice Cutler January 29, 2012
Penny Edwards Homeopath
Penny Edwards Homeopathy

"I found Alison to be very helpful when I came to thinking about getting my website done.  She has been very helpful with suggestions, samples and ready to share information; and exemplary in carrying out the work. Now she's helping me to keep it up to date by letting me know whenever there are new links that I need to change! It made the whole process of getting my website done (which I have been dithering about for several years) relatively painless - and now it's done, (and I think done very well)."  Penny Edwards 15/6/2011

Hampshire Action for Health Associates
"Just want to say a huge thanks to you for all the changes, additions, re-arranging, new wordings, and simply a user friendly set up of IHP web site.  It is highly commended by every one. I am very grateful."  Charlotte Nightingale, Integrated Health Professionals 13/4/2010
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 "I looked at your website and yes it is like a breath of fresh air. It looks like someone who really knows what youre doing." Colette Duignan, Homeopath 20/8/2010
Ilana Dannheisser Registered Homeopath
Homeopathy Wandsworth