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Need more business? - focus some time on your marketing strategy

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raspberry topped chocolate cakeAre you doing the most to attract more customers to your business? Are you confused by marketing? You may be constantly thinking of marketing ideas as you do your work, but many people are too busy doing the actual work itself. An independent external perspective from time to time can be beneficial to improve your slice of your market.

What are the elements of a successful marketing strategy?

Customer definition

Defining and knowing who is in your customer base - who typically will buy your products or services and why?    Making your promotional material attractive to your typical customers.  Undertaking market research to assess the numbers of potential customers and to determine their requirements.


Defining what values you or your business represent.  E.g. Are you cheap and cheerful, or premium and luxury, or efficient and friendly? What words do you want potential customers to think of when they think of your products and services?  Your promotional material should feature these qualities.

Product definition

Making sure your products and services are what your potential customers want to purchase.  Highlighting their features and benefits to make them attractive.


Setting prices that your potential customer will be prepared to pay.  Highlighting the features of your products and services that make their costs worthwhile to potential customers.

Competition defintion

Comparing your products and services with those of your competitors.  Making them subtly or definitively different to be more attractive than your competitors'. What offers can be effective in encouraging people to choose you?


Last but not least, promoting the features and benefits of your attractive products and services to your potential customers where they are likely to find your attractively designed messages and encourage them to contact you.  Determining which media are more likely to reach your potential customers e.g. - printed leaflets, TV radio, newspapers, website, email newsletters, blogs, social media.

As you can see there are many elements to think of when reviewing how you market your business, many of them inter-related.

Are you doing enough on your marketing strategy ?  Need an independent and focussed review?

Have a marketing strategy session with me for just £250 and walk away with strategies and suggestions focused to help you attract more relevant customers.  Call 0118 377 5819 or email to speak to me today!

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