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Have you got a favicon?

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I was wondering today how to make a small symbol representing my website appear in the tab.  Apparently it is called a 'favicon' - a conglomerate of the words 'favourite' and 'icon' - you will notice that small symbols for well known websites such as Facebook appears against their name in your favourites list.

So I checked the Help and Support section of and helpfully and supportively they explained that I could make one using a favicon generator and load it as a favicon.ico file for my website.   So I used one to upload my logo and make a little 'F' symbol as a favicon.ico file, uploaded this to my account and republished my website.  They say it will take a while to appear, but when it is I will publish this blog.

Update: There is a great list of favicon generators over at

FIM logoAnother tip to get your brand noticed.

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