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Do you blog?

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A few years ago that might have been a rude-sounding question, but now many people are on-line sharing their views on all sorts of topics. A potential customer rang the other day and he said he contacted me because, as he said 'you blog'.

Blogging is a way of spreading your on-line presence into subjects that people are interested in, it's a way of showing where your expertise lies and it shows that you are still active in your field. No-one wants to waste time looking at a website only to find out that it is out of date, or worse, that the business doesn't exist any more.  It encourages potential clients to value your offering and get in touch.

If you have a blog integral to your website, the content of your articles will attract the attention of search engines and significantly increase the amount of traffic your website receives.  The content should be written in such a way to include as many keywords as possible that someone might use to find your business, but still be interesting and comprehensible.

Why not just use additional webpages, you might ask? You can, but if you use a blog, the keywords and categories you can set up (see the list at the side) provide even more fuel for search engines. run a simple but effective blog facility as part of their business website packages (an example being this blog).  The traffic to this website increased by 60% when I started this blog.  And this particular blog about blogging receives hundreds of hits per day.

If you want to find out if a blog would help you market your business and need help setting one up, or if you need someone to write FIM logointeresting and relevant content for your articles, contact me.

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